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SOCIAL MEDIA HAS FOREVER CHANGED how we communicate a message, deliver content, and reach a public audience directly.  State-41 has a great depth of experience developing social media networks and increasing audience reach. We work with our clients to pinpoint the right social networks for your organization, while helping to create compelling content that will get you noticed, followed, shared, liked, re-tweeted, re-grammed, and tagged. We stay ahead of the game on social media's tricks and trends by keeping current through webinars on platforms like Sprout Social (a social media management software), by following trending sites and reading trending publications. We have been approved through Facebook to place political ads. 


WE WILL DEVELOP AND DEFINE the message you want to convey and the audience you wish to reach. We’ll work with you to create a SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING STRATEGY that outlines expectations for success, with a plan for evaluating results. Our expertise in media relations and social media development will support and amplify your communications goals. 



TELL YOUR STORY through video, TV, social, radio, and print. The advantage of PAID MEDIA ADVERTISING is having your message delivered to your target audience with no third-party filter.  We are expert in developing and implementing dynamic ads, across all media platforms, and delivering results through metrics and analytics.






GOOD DESIGN can make a difference. It’s more than colors, typefaces, and layouts, although these things play valuable roles. It’s the way information about your organization, business, and brand is conveyed to the public. We have a breadth of experience in creating and implementing websites, from site mapping, design and development, to installing analytics. 

We work with excellent visual artists who can create and re-fresh your logo and develop the authentic design pieces your organization or business needs to advance your message and mission. 

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